If you are going khổng lồ visit Japan during summer (June-August), you may be wondering what kind of clothes to bring. Since nhật bản stretches so far north-to-south và is so mountainous, there is a wide range in temperatures even in the same season. So you had better decide what to lớn pachồng depending on where you will be going. What is the average temperature in the different regions of Japan? How does the temperature differ during all the summer months? Do you need sun block, etc.? We will answer all these questions in this article!

Summer Coordinates 

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Comfortable & matching clothes 

Everyone is bound to lớn take a lot of photos of their trip, so visually appealing & matching clothes are good. It is also important that your clothes are comfortable, airy & allow ease of movement.


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Be aware of the chill in the morning and at night

In Tokyo & other low-lying cities, the summer highs can be well over 30゚C, but it"s still advisable to bring along a light jacket as it can be a bit cool early in the morning and at night especially in the countryside or in the mountains. The jacket can also be used for sunshade during the day. 


Clothes for both casual & formal occasions

With a one-piece dress for women và a shirt for men, you can look good in photos during your sightseeing, & go for a thắm thiết dinner in a smart restaurant at night without having lớn go back to your accommodation khổng lồ change.  


Sneakers & sandals 

Choose sneakers that are comfortable lớn walk in all day for sightseeing. Sandals or flip-flops or sliders are better than lace-up shoes because you often have sầu lớn remove sầu your shoes & even if it rains suddenly, you won’t have to lớn worry about wet shoes. 

◎Average temperatures in regions of nhật bản from north to lớn south

Summer temperatures in Tokyo

June: Average highest temperature 26.18℃/Lowest temperature 19.58℃July: Average highest temperature 30.29℃/ Lowest temperature 23.57℃August: Average highest temperature 31.49℃/ Lowest temperature 24.74℃

(Source: nhật bản Meteorological Agency 1997-2017)

Average temperatures and precipitation in each region of Japan